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MedChiro Injury Rehab Chiropractor Dallas, TX Car Accident Injury

Welcome to the website of MedChiro Injury Rehab. We are a top quality Chiropractor Dallas, TX under the direction of Dr. Fred Amin, D.C. focusing on physical rehabilitation and chiropractic care for auto accident injuries, workers compensation, work injuries, whiplash, sports injuries, neck pain, back pain, pre and post surgical rehab and much more. We offer free consultations, free transportation, digital x-rays on-site, an independent Medical Doctor (MD) on-site, a Spanish speaking staff, referrals to medical specialists when necessary, free claims assistance, treatment under Letter of Protection (LOP), and attorney recommendations when requested. We look forward to taking care of you. Were you hurt in a car wreck in the South Dallas Fair Park area? Are you experiencing neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, pinched nerve or numbness in your hands and feet? You may not realize it now, but you might have whiplash, the most common injury sustained in a car accident. Whiplash injuries that are caused from any type of car accident are often not diagnosed correctly.Car Accident Doctor Dallas Sometimes, the pain or other symptoms of whiplash are not felt immediately after the car accident. Often whiplash injuries are overlooked by emergency room professionals and could take weeks, months, and even years before actual symptoms being to show. Emergency room professionals are typically looking for and addressing short-term life threatening conditions and leaving more long term conditions to other doctors and specialists. If you have been involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident or any high-impact accident, you should see an accident doctor immediately that is experienced to check for whiplash in the South Dallas Fair Park area.

Workers Compensation Injury Dallas, TX

Have you been hurt on the job or while performing work duties around the South Dallas Fair Park area? Are you experiencing back pain from lifting or other pain from falling on the job? A work injury is a situation to take seriously and carefully. Employers often take great measures to protect against workers compensation claims, but injuries still occur and employees still need physical rehabilitation or "rehab" to get them back to a normal production in their work environment. Most Workers Compensation Insurance covers chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation. Chiropractic Care and Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation gets employees back to work much sooner and at far lower cost than traditional medical care for the same type of work injuries. So if you are experiencing work injury symptoms from sitting at a desk too much, repeating the same movements over and over again at work, or an upper or lower back injury from heavy lifting or other motions, you need to visit MedChiro Injury Rehab & Chiropracitc today.

MedChiro Injury Rehab & Chiropractic

MedChiro Injury Rehab focuses on safe and effective view here for more physical rehabilitation with regular referrals to medical specialists in our network whenever indicated. We use only the latest in technology, equipment and evidenced-based treatments so that your recovery time is quick and efficient. At MedChiro Injury Rehab, we are experienced in treating car accident and work related injuries and offer treatment from start to finish, including referrals for pain management and orthopedic surgical consultations when needed.
We offer access to medical care, physical rehabilitation, and surgical consultations when indicated for

  • car accident injury
  • back pain
  • bodily injury
  • Department of Labor (DOL) injury
  • federal workers compensation
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches & migraines
  • herniated disc
  • managed care
  • neck pain
  • pain relief
  • personal injury
  • pinched nerve
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • pre-surgical rehabilitation
  • sciatic nerve
  • slipped disc
  • sports injuries
  • USPS injury
  • whiplash
  • work injury
  • workers compensation


MedChiro Injury Rehab has all the resources to treat any personal injury. We incorporate integrative and multidisciplinary medical care for personal injury patients in the South Dallas Fair Park area.

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Dallas Texas Integrative Personal Injury Treatment

MedChiro Injury Rehab & Chiropractic takes a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to the treatment of personal injury patients. This type of approach means you can get all the care you need without having to find your own specialists. Our multidisciplinary network of Doctors provide claims assistance and expert treatment for your work or auto related injury.

Treatments may include